If you are looking for a diet program or plan, it is necessary for you to try the 3 week diet, a diet plan created by Brian Flatt. For more information, you can read the review of the 3 week diet here. However, before going on a diet, you need to know that it is important for you to be aware of a phase which is called as a plateau phase.

A plateau phase on a weight loss program or plan is a condition where your weight is on the condition of setting and achieving stability (plateau). When the fluctuation in weight loss is bothering you, it is only temporary. Of course, this phase must be frustrating those who are on a diet to the point that many people abandon their weight loss efforts. To see the scales down, you might want to help your body lose weight. If you want to do so, you can. There are several ways which you can do to help your body shorten the plateau phase.

That is how much fat is actually lost, not how much protein and water that you remove, which makes you healthier. So, you can shorten the phase by reducing the salt intake. You should try to reduce the amount of salt in cooking and do not put table salt on the dinner table. Reducing condiments such as pickles, jams, ketchup and soy sauce is also effective. Instead of salty condiments, you can try applesauce, peaches and other fruit make the meat tastier and use lemon, spices to add flavor, but avoid monosodium glutamate or MSG. You also need to avoid salted foods which are available in cans.

Other than those mentioned above, you also need to beware of things that hinder your weight loss results, including the lack of drinking water, drugs such as birth control pills, estrogen and so on which makes weight loss difficult and slow, not following the program correctly and too much consumption of alcohol, sugar, fat, salt.

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