dubai fishing 

There are so many people asked about the effect of rain while it’s going to rain or right just after the rain. This might affect the result and us maybe only get fewer fishes while fishing. Everyone must want the sunny and clear weather for fishing even though it doesn’t mean that the sunny weather is gonna help you to get more fishes. If you’re looking for the best fishing experience in the middle eastern sea, try the deep sea fishing in dubai. It’s the most recommended fishing trips on the internet.

For the river fishing with the clear and flowing water, then the best time for fishing is right in the morning and it would be even better if it’s just after the rain. Many anglers have experienced that these times is the best moment to fish.

Remember that this method is for the fishing in the river with clear, flowing water, just like in the mountains, or rocky rivers. The time after the rain is the moment when the fish are hungry, it’s because of while it’s raining, the fish would stay hiding in their lair, and unwilling to hunt.

By using that moment, the fishing result would be satisfying. Pay attention to the bait that you’re going to use. In this condition, it’s recommended to use the worm and moth as the bait. These baits are the most suitable for the clear, flowing water after the rain.

While you’re fishing in the sea, fishpond, or swamp is also right after the rain. While it’s raining, the rain water will scare the fish away and make them unable to hunt for food. While it’s raining, any fish will seek shelter. You gotta make sure that you don’t go fishing in the rain. Not only that’s dangerous for you due to the weather and lighting, it’s also difficult to catch the fish at that moment.