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The difficulty urinating could happen to anyone, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman. One of the most common symptoms of this problem is when the urge to pee is cannot hold anymore, however, it takes a long time before the urine come out. This condition needs to be handled and cannot be left alone, that’s because it could cause the infection and complications to other organs. The best urologist in bangalore wants to share some info with you on the factors of the difficulty urinating.

What are the factors?

During the ageing process, the difficulty urinating will be suffered by a man or a woman sooner or later. Due to the difference in the body organ between men and women, there are several differences that become the factor of difficulty urinating. Here several common factors of the difficulty urinating :

The prostate inflammation

As a man is getting older, the prostate gland could suffer from the inflammation. This inflammation will push the ureter. As a result of that, the urine flow has been disturbed and it takes more time for the urine to come out.

For the women, the ureter infection is one of the factors of the difficulty urinating. While for men, the swelling infected prostate could cause the difficulty urinating.

The disturbed nerve system

The disturbance or the damage on the nerve system due to the certain disease, just like stroke or an accident instead, could cause someone’s urination system. Besides stroke, diabetes, giving a birth, brain infection, and the damage on the backbone could cause the difficulty urinating.

The side effects of medications

Some medicines that used to treat the flu, decongestants and allergy have the unhealthy side effects of the bladder urinating process. Besides that, the consumption of anti-depressant and anticholinergic could cause the difficulty urinating.

We hope this info could help you to understand more about the causes of difficulty urinating. Remember that there are some differences between the causes of difficulty urinating for men and women.