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Data is a very important aspect in the formation establishment process. The data that has been generated from the transaction processor the company activity needs to be recorded and stored. It requires the special storage media that can be managed easily. The special media or equipment that’s being used to store the data is the database. While the interface that used as the relation to the database and provides the management function called application program. By the way, if you’re willing to learn about the database thoroughly, you can check the FileMaker Pro 15 Video Training Bundle for the best video online course on the internet.

A program that has been made by the high-level programming language (Java, VB, Delphi and much more) won’t be separated from the access to the database. It tends to be made and developed for manage the data that stored in the database. From the stored data, then it’s processed to generate the information. The information is one of many important resources for a company. A complete, clear, accurate and newest information will be useful when the company is making a policy or decision.

It has been mentioned that the media to store the data is the database. The database can be interpreted as a group of data that’s stored and managed (organized) properly, so it can be taken or searched easily and efficiently. You definitely cannot imagine how a data is being managed inside a database. The software which is in charge to regulate, store, and modify the data called DBMS (Database Management System). MySQL is a DBMS and it’s not a database. The MySQL database is the one that has been managed by MySQL itself.

The database management system usually provides the limited graphic interface and can only be used by the professional programmers. The DBMS is not suitable to be used by the non-programmers who don’t have any knowledge about the database.