hidden fast food menu items

The Burger King Secret Menu offers a lot of interesting new variants of recipes for its burgers and sandwiches, yet who would have thought that the restaurant will add another secret menu in a type of both of those mentioned above and it is called as frings! For those who do not know, you may ask what is frings?

Well, the secret menu which is called as frings can be the best when it comes to side orders. The other secret menu from Burger King which is not in the form of a burger or a sandwich comes in the form of a combination of two delicious snacks which are French fries and onion rings. So if you often have a hard time in deciding whether to get a set of French fries or onion rings, it is the time to be relieved as you now know that you are not alone and it is, indeed, tough to decide between those two options.

So, thanks to this Burger King Secret Menu that, luckily, now, when you come to the restaurant, if you know the secret, of course, you will not be forced to decide between those two and make such a hard decision any longer. You also do not have to spend extra expenses to buy both of the side dishes when you in a condition when you carve for both so much that you cannot decide between both of them. You can just simply slim down both of the side dishes and get the best of both of them at the same time with the Burger King Secret Menu, Frings. This is absolutely the cherry on top of the Burger King Secret Menu. Therefore, later on, when you get your favorite burger at the restaurant, you should not forget to try out this Burger King Secret Menu and taste it yourself how this combination of French fries and onion rings can be something you absolutely should try.