mold cleanup

Finding leaks in the walls, floor and roof is not an easy thing but not also a very difficult thing when we want to do something to ensure our safety and peace of mind in our home. If there are leaks in walls or floors the water will seep into the room and can cause major problems including health problem like black mold growth. Especially for your own health and structure of your building, you have to fix all leaks immediately. You have to take some safety measures to the wall and your floor. You might need immediate help by getting the service of Water and Mold Damage Remediation that the Reconstruction Service Pros has to offer. If you are not sure that you have water damage problem in your home, see these indicators:

1. The cracks on the wall. You can examine the ceilings, walls, basement and roof. When there is mold, surely there is leakage, because the mold won’t continue to grow if there isn’t source of water atound them. You can see immediately because there is black mold that formed on it.

2. Room have an unpleasant odor. A leak also brought a strong odor that filled the room that we move the whole place and can tell you if there is a problem or not. This smell could come from many sources like fungi, bacteria or molds. It can also be rotting from all the water coming from the outside and the smell of decay can be perceived at the same time.

3. White and chalky color on the wall. If you are looking at the wall thoroughly, you could see if there is a leak. A chalky and white ersidue produced by heavy moisture and is a clear indicator of water seepage. If there are no signs of efflorescence, maybe you can see the change the wall color is a good indicator of a leak.

If any of these signs is visible, do not hesitate to call the Reconstruction Service Pros for they are the best service providers in Dallas, Texas that will rebuild and reconstruct your home that suffer from the water damage.