thigh lift

If people are born with a white skin would like to change their skin becomes darker and exotic contrast to those who are born with black skin. They want to have white skin to be more confident. Black, it does not mean not beautiful, but a lot of people who think blacks are not attractive. If you are one of those people who want to make changes in skin color, you can go to plastic surgeon santa monica because there is available plastic surgery to change the skin color. Perhaps, plastic surgery done will be a little different from most plastic surgery because the surgeon does not add material to their bodies.

It is also different to whiten the skin with skin-lightening creams. Plastic surgery to change the skin color becomes whiter will use certain medications that will be incorporated into the skin pigment. For several weeks, the drug will affect the color of the skin and make it brighter. So, there is nothing practical in plastic surgery for all things need a process to obtain maximum results.