whole house surge protector

The same with lighting, temperature and humidity levels are also relative to each person. Comfortable temperature level for the human body is about 27 degrees Celsius. At this level of a comfortable temperature, the body can metabolise normally. If the atmosphere is too cold or too hot, your body will react. If it is too cold we shiver due to the constricted blood vessels. If too hot, the body tries to remove the heat from the skin, breath and so on.

In this case, air conditioners, or AC for short, take a part which is quite a lot in terms of the electrical energy use. The use of air conditioning may be less effective if the air leaks that it causes the air conditioner to work harder and consume more electricity. That is why one of the best ways to save on power bill is by reducing the use of this particular electronic appliance.

One of the ways on how to reduce the use of the air conditioners and omit the use of them completely is by using the natural air circulation. The definition of natural air circulation is a way of draining the fresh air helps cool the air. When we use the AC, the air in the room should not be given a way to leak as possible.

In the case of using a fan, for example, they circulate air more rapidly so that molecules of air are in contact with the skin and helps remove heat from the body. Nevertheless, the actual air temperature has remained the same, so that the reason why we feel cooler is because of the air flow. Plants also can help lower the temperature of the air around the house because its existence absorbs ultraviolet light and filters the air through the process of photosynthesis. No wonder if the house is surrounded by plants, the air feels cooler, especially if the room has a high ceiling. Plants are strongly encouraged to provide natural health resources on home building, including natural cool air.